Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Empty Studio

The Empty Studio

So my studio is feeling like a sad, abandoned room full of memories but no new life :-/ (Doesn't that sound pathetic?) It's just that day after day I seem to have other things that need done and I don't have any work in the studio going on. My daily drawings are created in my living room most of the time, late, after 8:30 which is when Tanner is put to bed. I'm sure it won't be too long before I can get back to the studio but until then I am feeling a bit frustrated.

At least my yard is looking nice and other stuff around here is taken care of for now. Holly will be here on Thursday, possibly late Wednesday night. She and Elton left Chicago yesterday afternoon for the long drive home, they are so happy to be returning for a little while. Holly is so excited that one of her very best friends from Boise State University has been accepted to the Art Institute and will be moving to Chicago this summer. Both women are printmakers and both really excellent at what they do, it will be so fun for them to be together again.

Today I have to go proof the last 2 prints of abstracts that have been scanned and tweaked and then take the paintings back to the framer so they will be ready to deliver to the buyer on Thursday morning. That is what is taking me out of the studio today at least. Later Tanner has a baseball game. I also want to go by the YMCA and check on the price of a membership for Tanner and I for the Summer since we will be wanting a pool and I will be needing to work out. Hope it's affordable because that would solve some summertime challenges. I guess I'm just thinking out loud here.

So I'm off to do the errands of the art business.


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