Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Outting with Tanner, Badgers and Robert Henri

Monday Outting with Tanner, Badgers and Robert Henri

Today I will be going on a field trip with Tanner's class. We're going to the local television station to learn about forecasting weather. Tanner is quite happy about the outing and it makes me glad that he is excited for me to go also.

Here is today's drawing. I did this the other day when feeling quite depressed and I'm thankful that I'm feeling better.

I like this drawing, I think it would look good on a t-shirt or something.

My foot is not getting better so I am going to ask the doc to give me the cortisone shot this week. My biggest problem is that I am too uncomfortable to exercise and it gets worse when I do. It's downright unhealthy to be sedentary. I hope the shot will be enough to fix the problem, the stretches and orthotics are not working to cure it.

It's another rainy day today, this morning when I got up the sky in the south was that misty deep lavender which made the green hills seem to glow, I love that!

Last Friday when I was waiting for Tanner to get off the bus I saw a critter cross our driveway about 50 yards from me but I only caught it as it was about to run into the sage brush, couldn't tell what it was. I knew it wasn't a cat because of the shape, knew it was too big to be a ground squirrel, thought it might be a Rock Chuck. Well, Friday night when Paul and I were coming in from our date we found out for sure what it was. As we turned up the drive our headlights shone on a little huddle of furry critters, it was a momma and 3 baby badgers! So cute. She ran away fast but the babies were slower to duck into the brush so we got a look at them. We see lots of different creatures here on our hill, I really enjoy that.

Here is a great quote that I found today while reading The Art Spirit by Robert Henri:

"A public which likes to hear something worth while when you talk would like to understand something worth while when it sees pictures."

Robert Henri was talking about doing more than technical performance with art and I think he's makes a good point. Of course we are all different and tastes are different as well as levels of proficiency but when we are excited about what we are trying to express, when we feel like we have something to say I think it shows in what we are doing and sparks more interest in those who view our work.


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