Monday, May 02, 2005

Santa in April ?

Santa in April ?

Well yes, this is the drawing of Santa that I did for the block print a couple of weeks ago. Part of my daily drawings.

Yesterday was a busy running around day but last night was a treat. Our valley is having it's annual Parade of Homes and Paul had signed up to help out with a really special one. This home sits way up on a hill above the valley, the view is nothing short of spectacular and the home itself is spectacular. Tanner and I went with Paul and just hung out there while people came through and ogled and awed. I took some pictures and if they turned out I will show them to you. Tanner spent the whole time in the home theater watching fun movies and I got to do the same as well as just enjoy the place.

After we left we went out for Chinese food and then came home and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events which I had gotten at Costco yesterday.

I'm off to see if my pictures turned out. Later Tanner is going to work with his dad and I am putting the final touches on getting ready for my sister's arrival this evening.


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