Friday, May 06, 2005

A Woman with a bad attitude and I get a haircut

A Woman with a bad attitude and I get a haircut

This woman has a bad attitude, either that or someone close has just passed gas?

I'm hurrying around so I can go get a hair cut this morning. You know when you are growing your hair out from a short hair cut it goes through so many stages and sometimes you think it's not bad. The very next minute you feel like it's horrible and something has to be done to make it tolerable and that's where I'm at, the intolerable stage. My mom is going to cut it for me which is kind of her and handy for me.

So, I started a new book plate yesterday on the very last lino block I've got, I'm being very careful to make sure the letters are backwards on the block :-D Also, a new friend suggested that I carve out the letters on the one I showed yesterday and just make a different block with the words to go with the butterfly that way I could still use it, isn't that a great idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Going to run for now, hopefully I'll be feeling much better about my hair in an hour or two.


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