Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bleary Eyed

Bleary Eyed
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
I got up early because I remembered that I had water running in my yard since yesterday and I had to turn it off. Dumb, at least it was a soaker hose so I didn't have water running down the hill or anything. Still, I'm to forgetful.

This is an older painting, watercolor and colored pencil. I think the size is 9" x 11". Part of the "Joe" series as you can tell.

I've got a little housework to do downstairs and that's all before my studio visit this morning. I'm tired of doing housework but really glad it's completed, it looks very nice around here. Poor Paul has been working extremely long days, he's worn ragged. We didn't stay at the picnic very long last night and he worked until about 10:30 when we got home and will jump up this morning and be at it until late tonight. Real Estate sales are like that, feast or famine. He's very good at what he does, very honest and diligent.

I hope I can come back today and report that I've made a sale, I really enjoy studio visits and getting to know new people (especially art lovers) and when they love my art enough to spend their hard earned money on it I feel honored and thrilled. The people coming today have a new house in a lovely area and I suspect the walls are bare :-D

Needing coffee to start my day today so off I go.


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