Sunday, June 19, 2005

Honoring black and white

Honoring black and white
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
Since I've been looking at some of my pen and ink drawings I decided that this whole week I'd show you black and white pieces.

This drawing came before the painting of house dragons. I actually like the drawing best.

Yesterday I had the best time at the gym, there weren't very many people there so I worked out in peace and then went in the pool and had the whole deep end to myself. It was so nice to just float around in there and goof off, very relaxing. After I left there I picked up Tanner who had spent the night with Holly and then we took candy over to my step dad for father's day. Mom and Tanner and I went out to Pizza Hut for lunch and visited for a while- it was nice.

We were going to do a father's day bbq today but Paul decided to go roping so we are going to do it later in the week. That leaves me pretty much alone today, haven't decided what I want to do- what needs done or what I want? Hmmm.....

I'm feeling so boring lately, I just seem to do the basics for the most part and I'm not as stimulated as I'd like to be for my art- not in a total slump but not excited either. Know what I mean? I have been drawing a lot but I think I need to paint or something to feel energized. I can't put my finger on it but there is something missing. Maybe while I'm alone today I can give it some deeper thought and figure it out.


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