Friday, June 17, 2005

How can it be Friday already?

This is the last completed drawing in my sketchbook, I've not been drawing in there in the evenings lately :-(

Yesterday Holly and I worked in the studio and then fixed a yummy salmon dinner which we ate on the deck. It was cloudy and just the right temperature and really nice. Then, just as we were finishing the wind whipped up and there was a bit of a storm so we rushed inside. We had strawberries and shortcake for dessert and enjoyed it thoroughly. Tonight Holly and Elton are taking Tanner to a dinner with them and then keeping him overnight- he's so thrilled.

Right now I feel so tired from my workout this morning- I feel like I could actually lay down and sleep.

Yesterday I did a little drawing for the illustrations I'm working on and also got some paper stretched for a new abstract painting in acrylic- as I had predicted there really wasn't a long time to spend in the studio but I do feel like it was productive.

This morning it was raining one of those soft summer rains when we woke up, we had the windows open and the breeze coming in smelled so fresh and good. Now it's sunny and cool, only around 70 degrees and there are big fluffy clouds piled up in the sky, it's gorgeous! It seems much more like a spring day than a summer day.

I love days like this. Of course it rained this morning because I got my car washed yesterday!


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