Friday, July 15, 2005

Icky Picture

Icky Picture
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
I don't care for grass hoppers, they jump every which way and are unpredictable and besides they are ugly (maybe the tiny green ones are kinda cute). Never-the-less, this guy was just outside my front door on one of my plants and the light was right for a good picture so he got photographed. I don't like the subject matter but I like the photo so I'm sharing.

So it cost me $151 to have the Sears guy come out and check some appliances (stove, dishwasher) and tell me that my microwave is dead. Now it will be another $250 for a new microwave. I guess it's just part of life, some things break and have to be replaced but I hate spending money in this way. I do miss my microwave though, have gotten dependent on it.

Tanner is with his Dad today and later will be going with his mom so I'm foot loose. There are many things I could do but not sure what I want to do with this day yet. I have already done my workout, did that early. I have to stay here for a while to wait for someone to come and pick up the queen bed that we don't need anymore. (Our church does an amazing job of helping people who are in need so they are taking it) It's supposed to be at least 101 degrees so I don't really care to go out and work in the yard, don't want to sit around and not very inspired to do art today. Hmmmm...... this is rare, I'll think of something.

I've got tons of books waiting to be read, maybe this is a reading day.... and of course I can check up on all of my LJ friends to see what's going on.


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