Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Illo Friday- Cosmopolitan

Illo Friday- Cosmopolitan
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
I live outside the city of Boise, Idaho and outside of the small town of Eagle, Idaho. We live in the country and are not very cosmopolitan ourselves. However, last March I visited my daughter who is living in Chicago while attending the School of the Art Institute there. That place is very cosmopolitan if you ask me. While at the grocery store one night we saw this fascinating guy the likes of whom I've not seen in our neck of the woods, he's a cool cat, a jazz musician of the vintage type. I drew him when I got back to my daughter's apartment and he is my offering for the theme this week. His hair which was actually grayish yellow was in a little "sausage roll" all the way around, like it had been carefully curled with an old fashioned curling iron, that was the most interesting part to me. He was a rare bird and I'd like to see more of his kind around Boise. This guy was my idea of cosmopolitan!


Anonymous janey said...

Definitely a jazz guy - seems to have lead a rather disapated life and probably enjoyed it too.He's got lots of character. And I like the way your drawings really can't be contained by the frame. Oh, and say hi to Fern for me :>>

4:41 PM  

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