Thursday, July 07, 2005

Over the Hump day

Over the Hump day
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So, today I'll be home until around 1:00 when I leave to take Tanner bowling. A friend of mine has a great kid that's about Tanner's age and they are friends, we're going together. Hopefully this morning will be a time of getting things done. Right now there is a queen sized bed in my studio, the one we replaced with the twin beds and I've got to get it out of here somehow. I've got a plan to call a place that helps people in crisis and see if they would be able to use it. I hate it when anything like that is cluttering up my studio even if I'm not using my studio at the time.

Holly and I went to a Body Shop party last night, I really don't care for that kind of sales thing where you feel obligated to buy and are encouraged to book a party of your own to help the hostess out. I only went for Holly's sake and I won't do it again. I bought a couple of things but I'm not that impressed with the products and anyway I didn't need any of that stuff. It was fun to meet some of the people there and to be with Holly.

I'm off to check in on you guys- geesh, what a busy and creative bunch of people, very inspiring!


Anonymous janey said...

Oh you redid it and it's great. It reminds of NY with the hi rise apts in the background. Only we weren't lucky enought to have a swing on the patio.

And thans for your comment on my blog.

7:55 PM  

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