Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random Thoughts for the day

Random Thoughts for the day
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So, have you seen lots of firework pictures yet?

We had a lovely time last evening, enjoyed people, enjoyed fireworks.

This morning I woke up feeling rested and chipper and I'm getting things done today. First stop when I leave will be the "Y" where I'll work out and then Tanner and I will take a swim. Then I'm going to Costco for a few items that seem necessary and then home for the afternoon.

Random thoughts:

I've been having time alone, been kind to myself, been eating right and exercising and trying to be less stressed and I feel like it's paying off. I feel like my emotional tank is refilling a little after running on empty for years. I sure hope this trend continues.

I've got quite a few drawings to show but I don't have time to get them onto my computer this morning, I'll try and do that this afternoon.

Being an artist is such a great way to avoid boredom don't you think? I have got a million ideas for projects and things I want to do running through my mind all the time. Geesh, a lifetime is not long enough to be an artist.

I'm looking forward to the school year starting again because then I have more time to actually stay in my studio and do art instead of just thinking about it.

For now, Tanner and I are hanging out together a lot and I do realize that this is a precious time that can't be relived. He'll never be this age again.

I love my digital camera so much, I take it with me everywhere and guard it very carefully. What a change digital cameras have made in our lives huh?


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