Sunday, July 17, 2005

Remember Winter?

Remember Winter?
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Just a little reminder to those of us that are too hot this summer, winter will return and then we'll be too cold!

This morning I'm going to hang out around the house while Paul goes roping again, I have a few things to get taken care of and I'm waiting for a phone call. I saw an antique dining set yesterday and I can't get it out of my mind, I'm hoping I can see it again today and decide if I really want it. In one way it sounds crazy to me, I don't have antiques, in another way I think the eclectic way of decorating can be really great.

Tanner and I will be hanging out together all day I guess.

Last night we went to a Thai restaurant called Sa-Wa-Dee and I got to have green curry, I love green curry and usually Paul won't go there because he doesn't know what to order. Last night he gave in and both he and Tanner got food that they loved.

I guess I've taken a break from doing art, I seem to be pre-occupied with other things and not getting to it so I'm not letting it bug me. I think I'm in a healthy place right now- re-fueling and enjoying life for a while. I do enjoy painting too but it just seems right to be doing other things right now. Of course I'll still be drawing regularly and messing with my illustration project, but not painting or making mosaics.

Ok, off to do some other stuff now, have a great weekend!


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