Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Bar Fly

The Bar Fly
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
That's what I call this gal. She's done in pastel and I did her a year or two ago.

Today after my workout I went with Paul to see our little filly who has now had a month at the trainers. She's doing great, such a pretty little horse- she's only been ridden less than 20 times so we are not sure how good a horse she'll be yet but so far she seems smart and full of p#&* and vinegar!

We also had lunch together and then came home where I promptly got tired and took a nap. I don't know why I didn't sleep well last night, I was still awake well after 1 am though and the phone rang this morning around 6:30 am. Right now I'm enjoying a wonderful fresh peach smoothie that I just made myself and taking a few minutes to post and check in on my computer. Later I'm going with Paul because he's going to show some property that is way out in the country. Overall it's a very unproductive day for me.

Well, I know this is not much excitement to offer but it's my life right now. Sure hope my blogging/live journal friends are having more excitement in their lives!


Blogger Carolyn said...

Sheila, I LOVE this drawing... the colors, the shadows, VERY COOL!

3:57 PM  

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