Sunday, August 28, 2005

Home again, Home again, Jiggety Jog!

And so glad to be home. It was just a trip, not particularly fun at all really. Paul roped every steer but his healers missed so he didn't win a thing, oh well it is a gamble.

But really, a couple of days is a long time to sit in bleachers and watch roping. I did crossword puzzles and did some drawing but overall I was not in the mood to be there so I got a bit cranky and impatient.(Not to Paul, just to myself) I think part of the problem was noise in the building from huge fans that helped keep us from cooking but made it so noisy that eventually I felt like running out of there. Tanner was a very busy guy and he had a blast with other kids there so that was nice.

We are such dorks, when we got there we realized that we had left our suitcase at home on the bed all packed and ready to go!!!! Arg, we had to go to Wally World (the only place to shop in Winnemucca) and buy clothes for each of us as well as bathing suits. Luckily we did have our overnight bag or we would have had some real problems. (Medicines and stuff were in there) We were feeling pretty silly about leaving the suitcase but in the end it all worked out ok. Tanner and I played Scrabble while on the road which was fun and good for him, he's getting better and better at it!

So by now I've got everything unpacked and put away, Paul is out on an appointment and Tanner has gone goofing off with Dan. I've finally responded to a ton on e-mails and taken the time to post this little update. I've got everything ready to get Tanner off to school tomorrow and start the new routine, happily! It's been such an long and busy summer.

I've finished my upstairs cleaning, reorganizing and will begin in the office after my workout tomorrow, downstairs should be much easier and quicker than upstairs was. After that I'm going to work on financial stuff, doggedly until it's done and then........... I can do some art! I've got a goal and I'm working toward it. I want to have some time to do some art before the holidays force their way upon me along with the wedding and stuff. I've got to be single minded or I'll be in a muddle.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have some time to check in again soon :-D


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