Friday, August 26, 2005

Howdy- Long time no see

Howdy- Long time no see
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
A funny image for you as I speed away to Nevada.

I've been able to do a wee bit of drawing in the late evenings, I have no idea where these goofy images come from but they appear in my moleskin as I doodle :-D

So.... It is amazing what a person can accomplish when they don't get on the computer! I've been getting things done, spending time with Tanner and generally staying super busy. So busy that I just drop at about 9:30 or 10 at night when I have my drawing time. Yesterday I gutted all my kitchen cabinets and pantry, cleaned, rearranged, polished all the cabinets (cherry looks great polished) mopped the floor, cleaned the stove etc. While I did that I had a guy cleaning my windows inside and out and all the 2 inch blinds. He did a wonderful job and was here from about 8 am until 5:30. When he left I showered and went to the market. Geesh, it was a long, long day but the feeling of accomplishment was wonderful to say the least.

This morning I got up and did my workout, stopped at Target for a couple of items for Tanner and now I'm home and will be packing stuff to go. Poor Paul is swamped as usual and getting more stressed by the minute. It's very hard for realtors to get away and his assistant is gone this weekend too. Poor cowboy. He'll feel better when we drive out of the driveway.

My most exciting news is that Elton has proposed to Holly, she's accepted and we will be having a wedding during the Christmas holiday!!!!! It will have to be simple and inexpensive but will be full of joy because these two are soul mates.

Ok, I've got to apologize, I have not had time to even respond to e-mails or comments for days. I'm sorry. School starts Monday though and my schedule will be, well, more like a regular schedule. I've missed checking in with you guys- don't give up on me.

Gotta run.......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there
busy here to ... back to school 8/29

Best wishes to the happy couple!
I guess you will have a busy few months! have fun, no art at my place until nearer mid of next week too much stuff goin on :)

4:07 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi Busy Lady!
A December wedding! Yay! Oooo... it will be SO PRETTY!
I wish I was you in regard to cleaning the house... with only 3 weeks to my own wedding I have SO MUCH still to do! I've really been neglecting the house...
I am glad you are still finding time for drawing.
Have a safe trip to and from Nevada.

5:29 PM  
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