Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Living the busy life

Living the busy life
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So life is full of busy-ness, workouts in the pool, house work, bowling, schoolwork with Tanner, shopping, drawing some- the usual. I don't really having anything to report these days.

We will leave Friday to go to the "big" town of Winnemucca, Nevada for Paul to rope. It's something we do each year and he really enjoys it. We'll be in a hotel with a pool which will be fun for Tanner. I always take my sketchbook, reading material and this year the Scrabble game to keep myself entertained. Honestly it's a little too much roping for my taste but Paul loves it when we go with him and I will tape his runs. Hopefully there will be some good photo opportunities over the weekend because I will take my digital and try to have fun with that too.

I've got stuff to do now but I'm hoping to come back to my computer tonight and catch up a bit and spend some time responding to e-mail and comments.


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