Friday, August 12, 2005

Yard Sale Finds

Yard Sale Finds
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First some eye candy for you- a pastel that sold long ago on ebay. This one was pure playing fun.

Today I stopped by this yard sale as I was on my way home from town and I hit a bonanza! I don't know how the guy got all the stuff he had, I know he had worked at Comp USA which has recently gone out of business so maybe there. Anyway, I got a wonderful brand new, never opened set of National Geographic on CD, it's a collector's edition of the first 112 years- every magazine, every article, every picture and all easily searchable and printable! It's fantastic for me and for Tanner. I also got another brand new/never opened National Geographic game called Trivia Trek- It's a wonderful game that Tanner and I can play together. I got a brand new AIWA Boom box (still packaged) CD player, double casset player with all the bells and whistles and 4 brand new videos- all for $70. My old boom box was just giving up the ghost.

Was that a stroke of luck or what?

So again I've been side-tracked today, but what fun :-D

I've worked out, gone to the market, visited with my mom and her husband and goofed off on the computer and had a good time.

Last night Paul and I went way out in the country to show some property and decided that we were too close to some friends of ours to miss seeing them. We called and they said come on over so we did. They have a ranch and raise rodeo bucking bulls, it's quite interesting they have about 100 mother cows with calves plus I don't know how many bulls. We had a margarita together on their from porch overlooking the Owyhee Mountains and then went out together for dinner. We didn't even eat until about 10 pm but we didn't mind, we had a nice visit.

I've been a good parent and done some review school work with T-boy today and we read out loud together so tonight I think I'll go out and prune a few of my massive rose bushes. It's cooled down to the high 80's and that is such a relief.

Over and Out!


Blogger pedalpower said...

Shelia, I am so jealous of your National Geographic find-what a score!!

11:38 PM  

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