Sunday, September 18, 2005

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
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After a rushed and overly busy morning with company I am left alone and decided to spend a little while on line before I go to clean up the big breakfast mess.

Some of our friends spent the night because they are roping this weekend in our area. (They are from Nevada) So I got up and made muffins and scrambled eggs and Americans to feed them. It was one of those mornings that didn't exactly "flow", I dropped a carton of eggs and they broke all over the tile, I over-ran the coffee pot with water and it ran all over the floor and counter and I found that it is difficult to be making breakfast and espresso drinks at the same time. Nevertheless, I did get it all taken care of and got them fed before the whole bunch including Paul and Tanner took off in a whirl to go compete. Sure hope they do well today!

Yesterday Tanner played soccer and it rained the whole game! It was a bit unpleasant to sit out in the rain watching but he played well and his team won so that made us feel better about it. As luck would have it the sky cleared and it got beautiful as soon as the game was over.

So I mentioned that I had been sorting 32 years of photos and getting them in order, right? Well I was thinking of putting them in albums, nothing fancy, just getting them stored in chronological order for now. So a friend suggested that I go to a place called The Paper Cottage to check for albums. Well! I had no idea what scrapbooking was all about and no desire to get into a new project but this place was amazing. Geesh, I had no idea there were places where you could buy all kinds of fancy stuff like that for making picture albums that are works of art. I didn't take the plunge completely but I am thinking about trying a small album to see what I think. I can tell it could cost a fortune and take many, many hours to create really great scrapbooks , and it could be so fun and satisfying to see them all complete but I think it is overwhelming to consider starting with 32 years of photos. For now almost all my photos will be put away in photo boxes but it will probably bug me until I do just one small book with a limited theme. We'll see. ( I did buy a photo trimmer and The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking.)

I've lost about 24 pounds now, my old pants don't fit any more so I've bought just a couple of pairs of new ones to get me by for a while. I'd been too heavy for so long that I'd gotten rid of almost all of my smaller clothes. I'm almost half way to my goal and very pleased about it. Still working out 4 days a week and really enjoying it, it is becoming a life style thing like it used to be in the past. Paul has lost some weight too and I'm feeding he and Tanner healthier foods so we are all benefiting from my new way of dealing with food.

I've been listening to a book on CD called Love and Logic Parenting and it is changing my whole perspective on the subject. I have been feeling for some time that we were not getting the results we wanted to see in Tanner and knowing that we needed to change something about the way we parent. Paul is 57 and I'm 51, we tend to be sort of hovering/policing parents (all with the very best of intentions) and it doesn't fit well with Tanner's disposition so we were getting much opposition and not enjoying life with Tanner as much as we could. To actually watch us parent most people would think that we are good parents, and we have been diligent and put a lot into it. But as soon as we made a few changes with this new perspective on dealing with Tanner it has made life way better and we are seeing much better results. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm enjoying being Tanner's Parent much more now. Here is a link to the sight where I got the book and some tapes: In a nut shell the basic and very simple idea that seems so obvious that I feel silly that I didn't fully get it sooner is that we give kids more power to choose instead of deciding what's best for them (within carefully thought out reason of course) and then let them learn life's lessons by themselves. This means letting them make mistakes and not bailing them out or using any more control than we absolutely have to. It's about actually hoping that they make certain mistakes early in life while the consequences are not so costly so that they will have learned to make wise decisions before they are older make mistakes that cost them huge amounts of suffering and struggle. Tanner has needed more "power" and is really doing well with this style of parenting and I feel like my prayers for wisdom in dealing with him have been answered!

Does anyone else feel like time is flying by so fast that it's hard to even catch your breath? I can't believe that the year is over half gone, geesh, where has the time gone? I really have to put it out of my mind or I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated. I am accomplishing stuff every day but there are so very many project ideas that I carry around that I feel like I'm heavily pregnant with a litter of 10 babies at least. There is a constant battle for the ideas to take form and be actually born, they struggle among themselves with no one ever maturing to reality. I feel like the burden is in itself keeping me from giving birth to anything, like it's gotten to big to push it out, it's stuck in there squirming and growing and holding me back. That sounds pretty dramatic, huh? Every feel like that?

Well I've prattled on long enough, there is a big mess in my kitchen that is calling to me to be taken care of so I guess I'd better get it done so I can move on to the next issue that needs my attention.


Blogger pedalpower said...

Sheila, you have a very full life!! I tend to parent a lot like you and I wish I would have learned the logical consequences thing earlier too. It makes so much sense, that I am suprised that it did not come naturally anyway....I think it did to my parents.
I'm glad you found it while Tanner (and you) can still benefit.

Scrapbooking can be a great creative outlet, or it can bog you down. I am in the realizing that I can mount photos in my scrapbooks very simply with journaling ...and make the occasional fancier page. That way I am actually starting to get them in the books instead of waiting until I can make each page a work of art.

Enjoy your day!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Leanne said...

Sheila! Holy cow girl you HAVE been busy! I am so happy (and proud!!) of you about your diet and weight loss! That's incredible!! I hope you have fun with your venture into scrapbooking, when you have time to do it that is! :)


11:32 AM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Yes I do seem to have a full life, overly full in my opinion. I suppose that's better than being bored.
The whole parenting thing makes me feel so silly, my parents knew this too so what did I miss? We so desperately needed to see this new way, Tanner is the kind of kid that needs to make some choices and learn from the consequenses.

I've decided not to take the plunge on scrapbooking for that very reason, I know I'll get bogged down. I like your idea of only doing the occasional fancier page.
Thanks for commenting!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Smallman said...

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11:17 AM  
Blogger Smallman said...

I skim a lot of blogs, and so far yours is in the Top 3 of my list of favorites. I'm going to dive in and try my hand at it, so wish me luck.

It'll be in a totally different area than yours (mine is about scrapbooking sticker) I know, it sounds strange, but it's like anything, once you learn more about it, it's pretty cool. It's mostly about scrapbooking sticker related articles and subjects.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Smallman said...

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