Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday- staying put

Tuesday- staying put
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This is one of my favorite drawings from recently. Heh, I call it "Hello from the Coast"

Yesterday we had a rough morning with Tanner, he and I clashed badly and I handled it badly- I felt bad all day because I lost my temper, not because he didn't deserve my wrath but I don't like to lose it with him. However, today he was a different child and was on good behavior before school. Hmmm.....

Anyway, I did my workout but never felt very well all day and today I'm a bit puny so I'm not going to the Y but just taking a walk with Paul this morning. After that I will enjoy being home until soccer practice. I've been printing out the best pictures of the last 6 years so we will have hard copies and I can eventually put them into albums, it sure is fun to look back and have all those memories. I've run out of photo paper and ink so I'm delayed today unless I want to spend the time and gas to run a about a 30 mile trip. I think I'll wait till I have to go in tomorrow.

I think I may even have some time to check into my LJ friends lives today!


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