Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Fun one- IMO

A Fun one- IMO
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
I almost always show my drawings in the order they were completed and I've been so anxious to get to this one. Tanner did the basic drawing and I then took it to a finished stage, it's a collaboration! Isn't it funny? He just loved doing this and we plan on doing more in the future.

I did just fine getting up at 4 am, got all dressed and hair and make-up on and rushed off to Rembrandt's where I just hung out for an hour and a half. There were quite a few of us and it was pleasant to be with the other artists. Then I came home and got Tanner off to school. Paul and I then went down town Boise to the historic district and had a wonderful walk together. There are wonderful old houses and lots of beautiful fall foliage in that area, it was beautiful. We walked along and kicked through the leaves that had fallen and enjoyed ourselves a lot. Later we stopped for coffee and a quiet visit before returning to the rat race.

We have some company coming this evening and so I will be devoting several hours today to preparing my home for them. Later we have the very last soccer practice of the season, Saturday is Tanner's last game too.

So, if I don't get with it I will not be ready and able to relax when visitors arrive.


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