Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gollum's Girlfriend?

Gollum's Girlfriend?
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
Don't you think she's creepy enough for Gollum?

Sunday my mom and I had a great time going to a big quilt show in Boise. I used to quilt and I love quilts so much and so does mom. The best thing happened too! We had a nice time going to lunch first and gabbing away as we always do, then went to the quilt show and on our way in we bought raffle tickets for the incredible quilt that the Boise Basin Quilter's had made for raising money. Mom told me then that she was going to win the quilt, she said it several times before the drawing too. Well you guessed it, she won the quilt!!!! It is a beauty too. She was so excited she cried. I'm so glad I was there with her.

Yesterday I kept Tanner out of school the first half of the day and we went to a seminar for kids at our church. He had a good time then we met Paul, had lunch and took him back to school. After we were across town I realized I had left my sketchbook at church :-( I can't tell you how badly I panicked, so afraid that someone would not turn it in. We called but the offices are closed on Monday so that didn't help. We also had Doctor appointments that we couldn't miss so it was a couple of hours before we could go back and see if it was there. Fortunately it was there! :-D This was my moleskin with the fancy leather book cover that cost me $70 plus all of my last 30 or so drawings so you can imagine how I would have felt to lose it. I'll bet whoever found it wondered about me too because, well, you have seen all my drawings and know that some of them are pretty creepy and not the kind of thing that everyone appreciates. I could have cried with relief when I had it back in my hands. (Yes, my address and phone number were in it, but Holly had written them in when she gave me the moleskin and had gotten the number wrong by one digit.)

As it turned out, I was gone from home most of the day yesterday and for some reason I was feeling really down, teary and all. I am so tired of having days like that- I could just scream and run away! (Like that would solve it?) Anyway, I'm feeling better today. I'm just getting ready to head to the Y for my work out and then I should have several hours at home to get some stuff caught up.

I've been taking a little time daily to read some of my LJ friends entries but not enough time to comment. Sorry. My in-laws will be here in a week too so I can't really see myself getting caught up at all, there is just too much going on all the time for me to devote much attention on line even though I'd love to.

So that's it, hope all of you are in the depths of creative breakthroughs and happy as can be!


Anonymous janey said...

Actually I think she might scare Gollum silly. Interesting little dance she's doing too.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to be so quiet lately
schools in

love that mom won the quilt
that is great, love she knew that
she was gonna win!


8:34 AM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Hi Janey and Patti!
Yes, this little lady is pretty crazy looking. I think Gollum would like her though.
Patti, I haven't been doing much on my computer either, just too busy with life in 3D these days.

It was so intuitive of my mom to know she'd win the quilt! I've had that happen to me once so I knew what she meant. Thanks.

4:32 PM  

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