Thursday, October 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
This is another collaboration with Tanner, heh, funny huh?

Didn't even sit down at my computer yesterday. We have company and suffice it to say they have 2 little ones. one is 4 and one is 1 year old. Busy time here and I've not been able to work out either. My in-laws are on their way also and should be here tomorrow I think.

It makes me feel upset and frustrated to miss my work outs and I'm trying to eat a wee bit less to help compensate.

Today I am going back to the orthopedic doc (went first time last fall) because my back problem is not getting better. Paul and I plan on a little walking while we are out to do the doc visit.

Can't stay here at the computer, Tanner is almost ready for school and company will be ready for breakfast soon.


Blogger pedalpower said...

What a neat idea for the two of you---and your drawings are charming!

11:06 AM  

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