Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Christmas Images

Christmas Images
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
As I said, I've been doing Christmas images lately in order to come up with my Christmas card design for this year. There are several coming up in the next week or so but I haven't decided which one to use. This is the first of my ideas, it's not a contender but I still like it.

Feeling really lousy today, my face hurts and my head aches- I have started on antibiotics but it will take a day or two I think. Tanner now has the cough but he's got a long (4 day) weekend so hopefully we can get him feeling better before school next week. Paul seems to be a bit better and had to go to work today regardless, he has out of town clients.

So, things around here are looking pretty bad, the house is a mess and so is my studio because of Tanner's school project. I feel perfectly justified in letting it go for now.

Yesterday I took Holly's print to be framed, I'm so anxious to get it back and have it hanging where I can look at it regularly. I have a couple more beautiful prints that she has done also but I choose to get this one framed because it had the most meaning. I do want to get the other's framed eventually also.

Ok kids, I've got a few things that must be done today and after that I intend to lay low. Thanks for the "get better soon" wishes, I'm working on it!


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