Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holly's Print

Holly's Print
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
This is the print that Holly sent me! I am going to get it framed very soon, I love it. The rabbits represent her and I and she used the symbol because rabbits are a presence in the night here in Idaho. The electric line between us is our unbreakable bond. The night sky is symbolic of the sky the night we had a very wonderful experience together and I taught both her and Dan some of life's most important truths. On that night so long ago I taught my kids about God's presence in their lives and helped them understand the significance of that incredible truth. I remember the night and how privileged I felt to be the one to teach them but I didn't realize that it had made such an incredible impression on Holly.

The color is actually a deep blue and not black but I couldn't get it to look like blue here. Image size is apx. 12" x 9" The title is, The Night You Gave Me Life

I am so blessed.


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