Monday, November 21, 2005

The last Snowman

The last Snowman
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
Ok, I think this is my first choice for the card- I think this snow person looks jolly and I like the colors and all.

Today I goofed off most of the day! I did my work out and physical therapy (which is getting harder because the therapist adds stuff each week) and then had to drop something off at my mom's. Well, my dear cousin was going by there also and one thing lead to another so we went out to lunch, chatted for a long time and then went to Costco. We had a nice time and it's a good thing Paul was here to get Tanner off the bus. I felt very irresponsible goofing off all day but don't feel bad about it at all.


By the time I got home Tanner had his homework all finished and we should be able to coast for the evening, nice.

The weather is so yucky here, we are having an inversion of the worst kind, it's been going on for days and the air is thick and soupy, it gets foggy in the early evening and although the sun shines most of the day there is a terrible glare that makes the eyes hurt. We need a storm to blow the nastiness out of the valley but it doesn't look like we've got one coming for at least another 5 days!

Sorry I've not responded to the last batch of comments or e-mail, I just a gad-about these days. I think I'll be home quite a bit tomorrow. Hopefully Holly will be able to come home too. She and Elton are helping in every way they can with his family. Gotta run.....


Blogger Caroline said...

Sounds like you had a good time...

I've just noticed your "about me" is labelled 2004... perhaps you should do a 2006 one and you'll be ahead for a month!

2:04 AM  

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