Saturday, November 19, 2005

Maybe my first choice? A Snowman

Well today I've been paying for my slothfulness around the house. I have been neglecting my housework in a big way and today I decided it was time that I get the joint cleaned up. Naturally because it had been so long there was twice as much work than if I kept up on it regularly. Now I'm exhausted. I did a great job and got almost everything done, I even got the laundry finished. Tonight Holly and Elton will be staying here but leaving to be with his grieving family in the morning. After they leave I will clean the office and studio and it will all be finished! I should sleep like a baby tonight since H and E don't even get in until after 11 PM and we'll visit for a while before we go to bed.

Today is Paul's birthday and I've got a cake made for him (another project today), it just needs the hot fudge icing and then he can dig in. We went out for Mexican food tonight and he had fried ice cream there so he should be overly sweetened as he goes to bed tonight.

I made another little collage in my sketchbook last night and it was fun, it will come up in the drawing line up in a week or so. Right now I'm going to go finish the cake and then sit down and draw until time to go get H and E from the airport.

Hope ya all are having a great weekend!


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