Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunday Pears/Pairs

Sunday Pears/Pairs
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
Someone asked me what Sunday Pears would look like so I messed with that idea a bit and this is one of the drawings that I did. I know that Sunday pears would look much different to those who are not of the Christian persuasion.

Today I'm going back to town to do more errands and shopping, seems like I'm always on the go these days. I found that I can wear Cold Water Creek clothes again! I am so excited about this because they have wonderful stuff that suits me well. So I found some stuff yesterday and wanted to think about it for a bit before I bought any. I have to be careful that what I buy will still fit when I reach my goal weight which should be in another couple of months or so. I love basic clothing that can be used for many occasions, I never buy clothes that are for just one event. And I don't like to shop a lot but let me say that having one pair of jeans that fit and even my undies are too big is getting old. This is that time when I am forced to make a few well thought out purchases to get me by.

Besides that I've got a visit and lunch with my dear friend and framer, a Dr. visit with Paul, buying a birthday gift for one of Tanner's friends and some groceries to get. Arg! So my day is full beginning with my work out this morning.

I'm still working on getting used to the glasses, leaving them on my face all day to force the issue.

So anyway, I'm off again to get things done.


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