Saturday, December 10, 2005

Can it really be the 10th of December?

I am horrified in some ways that it's already the 10th and I've not started on Christmas shopping or planning. Paul's brother and his friend are here this week visiting and we've been busy but I should have done some stuff earlier. Oh well, this week will have to be designated for the big Christmas push. Paul and I will be going to the company party tonight and Uncle Phil will be babysitting Tanner. We will not stay all that long this year but I do want to go so I can wear my new pretty clothes. I'm sure some people will wonder who Paul's new woman is, lol.

Yesterday we took a drive to the snowy, beautiful mountains and had a nice time. Today we are going to see the Narnian Chronicles, we are all really looking forward to it! We stay busy all the time, wouldn't want to slow down and relax you know :-/

I've got about half of my Christmas cards printed and glittered, working on the other half now. It's a real slow job because my printer is slow, at least the end in sight though. As you can guess I've been working on them in stolen moments while having guests. I figure if I can send them out by the 12th or 13th it will have to do.

I've not been able to check on my friends or do much on my computer besides the card project but I hope to get back to it after Christmas or maybe after the wedding.

Hope you are all well and getting more stuff done than I am!


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