Thursday, December 01, 2005


Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
This is a little collage in my moleskin, it was really fun to create it!

I'm up early, couldn't sleep. There are at least 2 inches of snow outside and it's still falling! I love snow.

Yesterday I ended up skipping my work out, Paul and I just needed to spend a bit of time together. Later I went with my cousin to look at houses, she's buying one just a few miles away which makes me happy.

Today I will be going to my work out and then some shopping and in the afternoon going to get my hair colored. I'm just having a bit more blond put in to conceal the new growth which doesn't really show much since the gray blends so well with the blond. Still, I've got parties and the wedding coming up and I want it to look it's best during this time. After this one it will probably be 6 months or more before I do it again.

I'm starting to think about getting some of my Christmas decorations out. It surprises me to say it, I think it's because I've bought some really nice stuff the last few years and it is simple and elegant, it won't require much fussing at all. The tree will go up in a few weeks, I'm in no hurry for that. I've not been able to draw quite as much lately, it just seems that there is always something coming up during my regular drawing time.

I've really not much going on that is journal worthy, haven't for quite some time.


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