Monday, December 12, 2005

Fw: Popping In

Fw: Popping In
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I've actually gotten to draw just a wee bit tonight, it feels good. This has been the longest spell without drawing in almost 2 years. Our company left this morning and I got my nose right to the grind stone. My cards are pretty much ready to mail tomorrow! Of course that is all I've done about Christmas so far so I plan on going shopping after I work out in the morning. I've made a list of ideas and hope all will fall into place rather simply.

I feel so stressed out about Christmas every year, I could easily just skip it and feel happy. Oh, I always feel better as the day approaches and I've got my ducks in a row but really, isn't it such a bunch of stuff to get done in an already busy time? I love to give gifts, I even like to bake and make yummy, pretty food to give away, but I wish I did it more throughout the year and not all at once. It's my problem, I know.

So anyway, I just had a minute and thought I'd post a drawing and say hi! I don't even have the hope of reading many journals or blogs until January sometime so please excuse my lack of comments and know that I hope to be back regularly sometime in the future.


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