Tuesday, December 20, 2005


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These are the snow laden berries of the Mountain Ash tree, I love the colors in this photo that I took a couple of weeks ago when Paul's brother was here.

I'm in the strangest mood. I have a ton of things to do, still some shopping, planning Christmas dinner, wrapping and cleaning. Instead I just want to goof off. I did a ton of errands today and all the while planned on coming home and getting some stuff done here but it didn't turn out that way. I was so tired of rushing around town and doing a lot of little stops with Tanner chattering away (at times being argumentative) that when I came home I faded out and didn't start being productive as planned. I'm so happy that the little guy had a birthday party to go to tonight, I needed a break.

What did I do? Well, after he left I made a lot of really great coffee and got on the computer to browse around while I enjoyed the coffee. Paul is here with me enjoying coffee while he works in his office that he shares with me. In just a little while we will go out to dinner since Tanner is having dinner at the party.

What do I have left to do before Friday night when Holly and Elton get home (hopefully) if the roads between Chicago and Idaho are not really bad?

This list is for my own benefit... like....note to self:

Change beds in guest room

Plan menu and shop for Christmas meal

Finish shopping for gifts (not sure what I need)

Do a Costco run

Clean house (arg! it's bad)

Bake & decorate cookies with Tanner

Do some laundry

Wrap gifts

Tanner will be at a friends for a good portion of the day tomorrow so that's a good time to wrap gifts since most of them are for him. He'll also be gone part of Thursday which means the cookie thing will have to be Friday. Geesh, I guess tomorrow will be a clean house day and Thursday will have to be Costco run day. It helps to have a plan, I feel better already! *grin*

I have done several drawings but don't have the new ones photographed yet, that's why I posted a pretty photo today.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Ooo... Sheila, this picture is lovely. It would look nice on a card!

Would you believe I still have some shopping to do as well as wrapping? Luckily I have Friday off but I'll need to get up early to get it all done... (I have to work Christmas Eve... boohoo!)

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

8:04 AM  

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