Friday, January 06, 2006


Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
No explanation, this is one of my recent drawings. The guy doesn't look to happy with life does he?

I've not much to say really, I am just being swept along with the general busy-ness of the pre-wedding plans and such. In fact, I'm feeling a bit numb or something. I just seem to be generally uninterested in things, I think I'm just tired of the hubbub and I want it to be over and life to return to semi-predictable life. I don't mean I'm feeling sour, just indifferent for some reason. It's weird. Maybe I feel like this guy looks?

Anyway, we will have pretty much everything ready for the wedding by tomorrow afternoon and then maybe it will be just a matter of relaxing until the actual time, right? Well of course we know that's not right, on Sunday there will be lots of little things to bustle around and do at the last minute. Still, I will say that this wedding is a very simple one and I prefer the quick and easy kind like this.

Tonight we are just going to kick back and watch the boob tube in an effort to relax, it sounds great to me. (I will be sketching of course.)

Again, I'm not around, haven't been able to check in with friends but I'll eventually be back. I can't believe 2005 is over, geesh.


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