Friday, January 27, 2006

I don't look like the old Sheila any more

Don't know what to say about this drawing. I like it a lot but I don't feel like it fits my mood today, it must have been how I was feeling on the day I drew it. I have day's like that but today is not one of them. I'm having a very positive outlook today, enjoying myself and not worrying about stuff. It's one of those days when the sun is shining brightly but there are small storms that drift through and drop rain for a few minutes in the valley and then move to the mountains where they drop snow and make the view gorgeous. In between there are those big, puffy white billows of clouds floating along, it's really great. On top of that I've lost 47 pounds, I'm enjoying shopping for new clothes (and it seems like there are a ton of sales), I've worked out all week and will enjoy the weekend and Paul and I will be purchasing that new Sleep Number bed tonight, we need a new bed real bad. So hey, things are good as of this minute and I'm so glad.

I went to the chiropractor today for the first time in months and he didn't recognize me! It was so fun, I was sitting in the adjustment room and he walked up to the door to look at the chart, peeked in and as he went back down the hall I heard him saying, "this chart is for Sheila but that's not her in there". Isn't that so cool? Well, last time I saw him my hair was much shorter, not blond, I didn't wear glasses and I was about 40 pounds heavier. Paul came in a few minutes later and we got a real kick out of it. After we both got adjusted Paul and I went to Subway for a sandwich and had a nice time together.

Right now it's almost time for Tanner to get off the bus, I love Friday's because he doesn't have homework and so I don't have to deal with the opposition and frustration. I do plan on doing quite a bit of math with him this weekend but that's because I want to do it and not because it has to be done. I think I'll take it in small steps and not make it a marathon and that will be better for both of us.

I'm hoping to get to check in a bit with my LJ friends today, we'll see.


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