Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The New Year's Baby?

The New Year's Baby?
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
When I did this drawing I was thinking of the new year's baby. That was almost a month ago I guess.

It's beautiful and sunny outside, makes me wish spring were a bit closer than it is. I had a few things to do in town after my work out this morning but now I'm home and getting things done here. I had put a chicken with lots of garlic in the crock pot before I left this morning and it smells so wonderful, I'm ready to eat right now! ... but I won't. Well, most days when Tanner gets home we sit down together and I have a latte and he has a hot cocoa with a bit of espresso in it (so he can call it a mocha.) Then we start on homework and lately he's been reading to me from a book he got at school called Frindle. I love it that he's such a good reader.

I was thinking how much enjoyment I've gotten from my drawing project. I've spent countless hours drawing and coloring in my sketchbooks in the last 2 years. Mainly I draw in the evening at home but I take my Moleskin with me often and draw while I wait for appointments and stuff. I did a very detailed drawing last week while at the Indian reservation waiting for the whole family to have their doctor appointments. (I can't see the doctor there because I don't have enough Indian blood.) When I start painting again I have hundreds of drawings ready to use as ideas for larger more important work, I know I'll be so happy about that. In fact I think about turning some of the drawings into pastel paintings and the idea is pretty exciting. I guess that's the medium that seems right somehow for translating the drawings. At any rate, I have sure enjoyed my sketchbooks and can't imagine not drawing regularly.


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