Tuesday, January 17, 2006


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Strange image, I know. It's my husband who is anything but psychedelic. (I think I spelled that wrong?)

I'm just about to go to the "Y" and get in the pool, I love doing my work out. Later I have the excitement of getting my Honda CRV serviced, wow.

Actually though, it's been a great weekend, very productive in terms of getting the organizational project started in the office. Paul and I are both on the same page about what needs done and we're focusing on the job no matter how long it takes. My main jobs at this time of my life are all about family and home, to get things in order and parent Tanner. I feel confident that if I narrow my focus down to these two for a while it will enable me to expand it in the near future and gain more balance. Tanner is a very challenging kid and getting more that way as time goes by and he realizes more about his situation (flakey parents, being raised by grandparents etc.). He's also A.D.D. like his dad, pretty severe, and he seems to have Oppositional, Defiant Disorder. He's not a fun kid to raise in many ways and I realize that it will take a very concentrated effort to achieve success. I'm not feeling sorry for myself at this point, just realizing that I am having to choose priorities and move ahead with my life.

So, I'm taking a deep breath and plunging in. I will still be drawing and I am looking forward to painting in the near future. I know that I have to take care of myself or I will be swallowed up and filled with resentment which is counter productive.

On that serious note I must end and head for the pool!


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