Monday, January 09, 2006

Time to re-group

Time to re-group
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So the wedding is over and H and E are gone on their honey moon. I didn't realize I was so tired until I got up this morning and felt like my energy had left me. I'm glad the wedding is over but it was fun. It was a very laid back wedding and everyone involved seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the bride and groom.

I'm going to miss having lots of people in the house, Holly and Elton have wonderful friends that are fun to be around. We've been up late every night but didn't mind because we were either getting things ready for the wedding or just goofing off. Some of the friends from out of town stayed here, Tanner was in heaven because one of the guys played chess and other games with him and one couple played Scrabble with him.

Today Paul and Tanner and I went out to breakfast and then we took Tanner to school and went for a walk. We are trying to take it easy today because of the lack of energy. I took lots of pictures at the wedding and I've been editing them. I'm not really happy about how most of them turned out, it is hard for me to take good photos on the run like that, I do better if I've got lots of time to think and people have time to pose. In this case I suppose my photos are not much more than documentation about the wedding and who was there. It's also a problem that since I had to use flash there are lots of demonic looking people with bright red eyes. It means lots of editing of course and the software I have is not the best for correcting this problem. There were a couple of other people taking pictures also, sure hope they did better than me.

Yesterday was my mom's 70th birthday also. My sister and I had bought her a digital camera which I gave to her last week, she was very pleased with that. Also Holly tried to honor her last night by proposing a toast to her for her 70th. She is a very young 70 I must say.

Paul and I plan on getting started on some organizational things in our lives in the next day or two. We are in such need of getting things in order and doing some planning, we're both anxious to get started. It will mean that I am delayed on new art projects but I suspect it will also free me up when I do get started. I suspect that it will be a good month before we are on top of it but that's ok, it will save time and stress when we get finished. I do plan to continue drawing, it's my only artistic outlet and I really need it. I drew 266 drawings in 2005- lots of them can be used as ideas for paintings this year.


Blogger pedalpower said...

Hi Sheila,
This drawing is another one that would make a stunning bulletin cover--have you ever submitted any designs to a company that does them? Your drawings are so beautiful.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Thank you! I wouldn't know who to send images to for bulletins but I can see that some of them would be good for that. Do you know where I would send them?

3:09 PM  

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