Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Yesterday our family including Tanner, Holly and Elton, Dan, Paul and I, went to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Owyhee, Nevada. We had so much fun on the drive laughing and talking. Paul, Holly and Dan are registered Native Americans and were seen by the Doctor there. It was a beneficial trip and the Doctor was very attentive and helpful for all of them even though it was a full 5 and 1/2 hours in the clinic. Holly had the most extensive exams and we learned some stuff about some of her illness that was helpful although there must be follow through in Chicago to get more help. Poor thing is sicker than a dog today because of some high powered antibiotics that she's being treated with. It seems that she has P.I.D., does anyone know much about that? Anyway, it was fun and helpful and an interesting experience for all of us.

I chose to share the snowflake image because we had lots of snow to drive in yesterday and I loved it. It's rained a lot here at home and there is snow on the mountains but nothing in the valley so I was glad to see it there yesterday.

Today I've been to the "Y" and now home to work.

I'm off to do some research about P.I.D. right now but if anyone has any helpful info please let me know.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Sorry to hear that Holly isn't feeling well. Sometimes it feels worse when a family member has a condition or is ill, because we want to help them so much.

Have you posted any wedding pics yet?

9:01 PM  

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