Friday, February 24, 2006

Busy Day

Busy Day
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I've been gone most of the day, arg. Worked out in the pool and it was fun, we had races across the pool in teams along with the regular stuff. Then I had lunch with a friend and we had fun visiting. After that was the memorial for Bob Huckins. It was long and I didn't even stay after for food, but it was a good celebration of his life with lots of remembrance from family and friends. It gave me much food for though about the things I'd like to be remembered for. Bob was a wonderful man and his life was really quite beautiful, same wife for 49 years, 3 grown sons with wonderful wives and families and many friends and much more.

Tonight my guys are all going roping together and I'm going to watch the Olympics by myself and also work on a little project I've got going. I love evenings to myself.

I've had 5 hard work outs this week and I'm feeling a bit on the tired side right now so I'm really looking forward to the peace and quiet.


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