Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just babble

Just babble
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Just had a lovely walk with Paul, we walked fast in a really ritzy part of town where the houses are enormous and surrounded by ponds and trees and stuff. We enjoyed ourselves and then had coffee and conversation before coming home to get to work.

I'm staying home the rest of the day and just doing stuff here that needs taken care of. It's all gray and cold and actually kind of ugly outside so it's nice to be warm in the house. It's been nice to send Tanner off to school this morning, he had a good long weekend with good attitudes for the most part, lots of fun with a friend for hours yesterday but it's also nice to send him off to school.

You know how kids can say funny things sometimes? Well, the other night while Tanner was with the babysitter he watched a show he likes and was trying to tell us about it, he said it had "hillbillies from the 70's that wore astro hair". Hah! Of course he meant "hippies from the seventies that wore afros". I loved it and have laughed quite a bit about it.

We know there will be a funeral this week, just don't know when. Thanks for the condolences concerning Bob, I appreciate it.


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