Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Laying Low

Laying Low
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Well I'm laying low today and trying to get well. I'm not feeling really, really awful, just a cold with cough and stuffiness. The worst part of course is knowing that it will get worse if I do too much. Yes, I know this from experience.

This morning I made delicious Ricotta pancakes and bacon for breakfast for the boys- since it's Valentines day. I set out boxes of chocolates for each of them too. Tanner was thrilled and promptly put his in his backpack to take to school and share. Paul gave me a 90 minute massage gift card, isn't that wonderful? I don't know when I'll go and have the massage but it will be a special treat when I decide to do it.

Today I'm going to make a large batch of Borscht and freeze it in dinner sized portions for future use. I love having food in the freezer to have later. Other than that I'm not going to over exert myself at all. It should be a pretty low key day until 4:00 when the little one comes home. That's it, pretty boring post but it's all I've got right now.


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