Thursday, February 09, 2006


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My nephew was sick when he picked me up from the airport last Friday in Seattle, now I'm sick. I was feeling a bit like I was getting it the last couple of days so Paul and I walked instead of me going to the pool. Drat, now I'm fully sick and I'm not going to work out at all today. Boo!

It's really hard for me to sit down and be still when I'm sick, I feel so frustrated. Oh well, at least we know it will pass.

I've been a bit out of control recently. Way too much shopping is taking place and I feel guilty about it. Yesterday I had a fun lunch out with my mom and my cousin and then we went to the mall because I wanted to take some earrings back. Well, I bought more than I took back including bedding for the new bed.

I had to go back last night because the duvet cover wasn't right. Bleh, it's good that I'm staying home today and not spending money.

I've been into buying and wearing earrings with plenty of "bling" just because it's fun to wear them with casual clothes and not just to dress up, I've been enjoying the sales at Macys, it's been fun to fit into clothes that are cute and stylish. However, I realize that a person can only wear so many clothes and even if the prices are amazingly low I still don't need very many. So I need to stay home and quit the shopping until I actually NEED something. So there, this is a confession about my silly, shallowness and my decision to curtail my sins.... or at least modify them ;-( Today I'll just putts around the house and make soup, I won't even need to wear cute clothes or new shoes and sparkly earrings.


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