Monday, February 13, 2006

Yesterday was better...

Yesterday was better...
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So yesterday was such a nice day and I enjoyed it until the early evening when I started feeling lousy :-( I had babied myself all last week because I was sick and didn't want it to get worse and yet last night I started feeling quite a bit worse, cough, stuffed up and overall crummy. Bleh, is it just because the cold is breaking up or is it that my body caved in and got it in earnest? I felt like a wretch this morning with a headache and all but right now I feel pretty good. I'm afraid to go to the "Y" to work out because I have the cough. Need I say how frustrated I feel?


Blogger Debra said...

Just found your blog. I like it (and I rarely like black background blogs). I must say, coming from a quilting background, this portrait says quilt me! It even provides the patterns.


11:19 PM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Glad you found me Debra. I've done some quilting too and now that you mention it I see what you mean. I think there are quite a few of my drawings that would lend themselves nicely to patterns for quilts. Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day. Thanks so much!

2:29 PM  

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