Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fish Pants and Baseballs

Fish Pants and Baseballs
Originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.
This is my latest design on my jeans, I'm very happy with it! I wore them to go out last night and it was so fun to wear my own art *grin* !

Been so busy with "stuff" and so I enjoy the time I've had to work on drawing with thread. I've got an idea for another design that I think will be really fun to do and quite beautiful. The only drawing I've gotten done is a few ideas for the embroidery.

Today after church Paul, Tanner and I had to do a few errands, we had lunch out and then came home. Tanner and I left promptly and played baseball at a local field for a while. Why is this significant? Well, because part of my motivation for getting in shape and losing weight was so I could play with the little guy and now I can! Let me tell you if felt really good to say, Hey Tanner, you want to go hit some balls? He loved it, and I like to hit best and he likes to catch best so the two of us did great together. It was cool and no wind so we didn't even need a sweatshirt after a few hits. I'm pretty sure my shoulder will be sore tomorrow because I'm not good at throwing and it hurt while I was there. I don't care, I'll let it get built up so I can do even more as spring moves along.

Tomorrow I have to be at Tanner's school to help with a mosaic project that they have going on. I hope it's fun and Tanner is glad I'm helping. I've said this before but let me say again: there are not enough hours in each day to accomplish the things that need done and those that I want to do. Oh well, better than being bored I always say.

I'm not getting to check in with my friends list hardly ever these days but I take a peek when I can. Will try to respond to comments to the best of my ability! I'll post a picture of the fish closer up in the next post since I'm doing this thru flickr and can only post one at a time this way.


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