Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm back

I'm back
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These are peach blossoms, pretty huh?

Just got back last night, it's so nice to be home again! We did have a nice time though. California is so beautiful this time of year, the grass it tall and green, there are things blooming everywhere and the sky was full of fluffy clouds most of the time while we were there. It was a family visit and so we didn't do a lot of sightseeing, heck we used to live there so we don't need to. We did go to a beautiful winery in a small town called Murphy's though and that was fun.

Paul's mom is almost 86 years old but she is amazing! She wanted to go shopping and she was like the ever-ready bunny, she doesn't seem to tire when she's shopping. I was happy that her and I got a couple of days to goof off together. When we go to visit the folks we always eat breakfast just around the corner from their house in the this little cafe. It is one of those little local places where everyone knows each other and most of them have been around there for many, many years. I find it so interesting to see the dynamics of that kind of meeting place, it would be interesting to know all the stories of the peoples lives that have been eating at that place all these years. We love going there and seeing who shows up, hopping tables to say hello to old friends and hearing the latest gossip. One couple who have been very close friends of Paul's family since he was a child eat there every day at noon. When I first met them they were about my age and very vibrant and fun loving, now they are in their eighties, she can no longer speak and has some mental problems he's pretty slow and stiff, they shuffle in and enjoy the comfort of familiarity along with their meals. I love that!

There are so many memories there too, I started going there when Paul and I first got married in 1973, (it was owned by someone else back then) at the time I thought it was kind of "hickish" and old fashioned. (I was all of 19 years old) Now I think it's just wonderful that the place has been in existence for so long. When Paul's sister, Rita, was murdered 4 years ago that same cafe where she had spent plenty of time over the years and everyone knew her, was a place where the locals met to discuss what had happened and try to figure it out, where lot's of rumors about what had happened were passed along and where lots of the locals comforted the family with tears and sweet stories and memories of Rita. Rita had been going there for most of her life and all of the kids in our family have been going there since they were born, we have pictures of the family in that place from years past. Funny how you come to appreciate things more and more over the years. I guess that is one of my favorite things about visiting the small town of Waterford, having breakfast at Cathy and Carol's Coffee Shop.

So now that we are home I'm faced with so many things that need done, and today I'm just not getting with it. Oh well, I guess I'm making the re-adjustment to getting back in the groove.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Welcome back!
The pictures look great... you look wonderful (your figure looks terrific... your workouts have really paid off!)
I love the look of Tanner's face as he's looking at the huge hunk of gold (I saw this on your Flickr photostream).
:c )

8:19 PM  
Blogger PA said...

All the photos are beautiful and we are glad you had such a nice time.
Sorry to hear what happen to Rita.

2:39 AM  

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