Monday, March 06, 2006

Peeking in again

Peeking in again
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Ok, so this is how I'm feeling today. I haven't checked in for days because of a recent humiliating and horrible thing that has happened to our family. I won't say more but lets just say last week was a bad week.

On the positive side, well, I guess I'm thankful that things are going pretty well with Tanner, I adore my husband and we are best friends and in spite of the deep and difficult places of being a family and a mom, I adore my children. I'm 53 pounds thinner, I'm strong and healthy, my hair is grown out and I have many gifts and talents. So in spite of it all I am a person who can see the blessings and I appreciate them so much.

And as I always say concerning the challenges.... This too shall pass!

Today Paul and I took a really good walk and gave it a lot of energy, we enjoyed it and are glad we did. Tomorrow I'll be back at the pool. We also got the call that our new lodge pole bed is ready, not sure when we can get away to pick it up though. (It's in another town and will take a few hours out of the day to get it.) I'm thinking about setting my easel and pastels up so I can do some art in my studio even if it's just in short bursts. Also, I've started the embroidery on my second pair of jeans, I think it's going to look really cool.

I'm sorry that I've not responded to comments for a while, I hope I can do that this week but I'm not sure.


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