Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sick Guy and Irish Calcannon

Have you ever felt like this? Like when you have the flu or a bad cold? Poor guy, he's really feeling lousy.

Today Tanner and Paul and I got up and went to our favorite bagel bakery and had breakfast of fresh bagels and cream cheese with good coffee. A sunny window seat and the news paper while Tanner played with some ninja turtles made it a nice little time for us. After that we took a 40 minute, fast walk in a lovely subdivision with lots of ponds and waterfalls and enjoyed that too. Tanner says he wants to do this every Saturday.

I didn't fix any Irish dish for us last night so today I tried my hand at Colcannon. I've got it ready to go with our dinner tonight which I'm quite sure is not Irish fare. We're having Salmon and broccoli. Oh well, the Colcannon will go great with the Salmon and we'll enjoy it all. I've sampled the new dish and it's not exactly exciting, I'm hoping that the flavors will blend and it will get better in the next couple of hours. Here's what's in it:


3 pounds of Butter Gold potatoes (boiled well in salted water and mashed)

1 small head of Cabbage (boiled slightly in salted water and chopped fine)

1 onion chopped and sautéed in 1 TO. Butter for 5 minutes.

4 oz. cream added to the onion after it's sautéed.

A big pinch of dill weed

A small pinch of nutmeg

(both added to the onion/cream mixture)

Everything is mixed together with more butter (Maybe another Tablespoon) and salt and pepper to taste.

The recipe says to serve hot with a well in each pile on plates to which is added more butter that's been melted. Dip each fork full of Colcannon in the butter as it's eaten. Of course the butter and cream are really fattening so I cut back on both. I won't be adding the well of butter for dipping. I'm sure that makes the dish really good but it's just not worth it to me to add all those extra calories.

We'll see if it is a keeper.


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