Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chit Chat and thoughts

Chit Chat and thoughts
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I'm just waiting to go to a group that I go to every Tuesday night so I thought I'd just post a drawing and say hi.

I finally got back in the pool today in spite of a bit of a sore throat, so far I'm no worse for the wear and I was feeling anxious to get back to it.

It's been raining like mad around here and Tanner's soccer practice was canceled because of it, sure hope it's not raining on Saturday morning when there is a game.

From what I understand it is the effects of La Ninja that we are experiencing. We have been dealing with drought conditions here in the high desert of Idaho for a number of years so at least the rain is a relief from that. It is such a frustration though, we're not used to it hindering our activities.

Part of our roof was blown off twice in the last week in high winds and rain storm, luckily we had it repaired quickly. Also I got my windows washed yesterday and am real glad the guy and I decided not to do the outside ones until there is a better window for dry weather. It is so nice to have both windows and blinds clean though, it makes me feel better anyway.

I've been drawing regularly since we got back from California, some strange faces appeared in my sketchbook while Paul, Tanner and I listened to The Goblet of Fire on CD this last weekend. I wasn't really trying to draw anything in particular and yet I guess faces are something that I do without giving it much thought. I suppose those who look at my journal know that though, don't you? My drawings are still the only art that I'm turning out these days and that makes me a bit sad. However, I have been doing some reading and concentrating on other things which I feel are vital at this time, I know I'll get back to drawing and painting in earnest when other things in life are in order.

I'm interested in simplifying our lives. Are any of you into doing that? I really don't know what all it will take but I know that it's a key to our lives being more meaningful than just living by the tyranny of the urgent. I've been told that setting up as many bills as possible to pay on line is a huge help, anybody know for sure? From what I understand it takes a huge commitment at first to get things in order and then it gets easier to work through the simplifying process. It seems like there are so many commitments and obligations in life that it will take a long time but you know, when I get old I want to look back and be glad about how I lived and what I spent my time on and right now I can't say that I'm where I need to be. I think both Paul and I are guilty of just shooting from the hip and going through the paces, we have plenty to be thankful for and to enjoy but we don't take the time to give it much thought. We've got 9 more years until Tanner is 18, then I'll be 60 and Paul will be 68, we want to be ready for that time and not be on the gerbil wheel still. We are committed to raising Tanner to the best of our ability but lots of the changes we want to make will be healthier for Tanner also, different values and time management to name two. So when I say I'm not doing much art you understand that it's because I'm clearing the way to do more art later. (I don't intend to wait until Tanner is raised, just need to get things in order now.) I know this will be an ongoing process and will be like swimming up stream in many ways, it will take self discipline and courage but I think it will be worth it. Like I say, not sure what it will actually look like but I know it won't look like our lives currently look.

Whew, well, I guess I'd better get moving, it's almost time to go to my group and it's something I really enjoy. Tanner is going with me lately because it's not much fun for him to go to roping practice with Paul mid week. The lady who has the group in her house actually includes a little lesson for the kids who come and Tanner just loves it.


Blogger Hilary said...

Hi Sheila,
I've just dropped in via Debra's blog - A stitch in time. I love your drawings, so colourful. What do you use for the colour? I agree about simplifying life.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Thanks Hilary! And welcome too, glad you dropped by and hope you come back.
I use Tombow and similar markers for my color. Most of my drawings are done in a Moleskin and I draw my design first with pencil, then with black ink and color last.

I think it will take some energy and organization to simplify but I'm going for it!

1:30 PM  
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