Friday, April 28, 2006


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I'm glad it's Friday, are you? I guess the weeks seem so busy to me that I like the idea that there are no work outs on the weekend. I actually really enjoy staying in shape but today I'm tired and sore and just want to do something different.

I'm trying Arbonne skin care, since I've lost weight I really do look older in the face and when I sampled Arbonne products I was impressed but felt like I didn't want to spend a lot of money on skin care. Since then I've noticed the skin of several of my friends that looks remarkably better, only later finding out that they are using the products. So I've taken the plunge. It's worth a try in my opinion and if I decide it's not worth it then I won't buy more.

Tonight we are going to watch some really good team ropers for a while and tomorrow night we are going to watch the PBR (professional bull riders) so it's going to be a weekend with a western flare, maybe I'll need to dig out my old tight Wranglers and cowboy boots huh? There is also a soccer game tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be wonderful for it. So even though it's the weekend there won't be much sitting around, we stay so busy. Still, it's a different kind of busy than the schedule we keep during the week.

I've still been drawing a few days a week and enjoying it, just not daily like I used to. I feel like if I gave up my drawing I would be very unhappy. I use my drawing for therapy and sort of treat my Moleskin like it's a journal, sometimes I use words but more often I express my emotions or an idea in there. I'm pretty sure that in years to come I will be able to look back at the Moleskins and remember what it was that gave the inspiration for certain drawings. There are plenty of drawings that are just fun, colorful bit's of art/playing too, but many these last days have been art therapy recording in visual code what is going on in my heart or emotions or what is causing it. It's a wonderful thing to be able to record in visual form to look back on later. Today's drawing, by the way, was just a fun drawing with the idea of embroidery on jeans in the back of my mind. I'll bet you can always tell the ones that have a deeper meaning.

Sure hope all my LJ friends have a great spring weekend!


Blogger Carolyn said...

Weekends (or in my case "days off") aren't really days off are they?
Let us know how the face cream works out... I personally think that drinking enough water helps too.
Bull-riding huh? the idea simply terrifies me! and some of these guys think it's FUN!!!

4:42 PM  
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