Friday, July 28, 2006

Life's Ups and Downs

Life's Ups and Downs
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Reno on the day he got neutered. This is my favorite picture of him because of the funny look on his face, it looks like he knew what was coming doesn't it?

This morning Paul and Tanner and I took the canoe and had a wonderful time paddling around in the reservoir. We went further than we had gone before and when we got to the murky, slow moving part where there is lots of plant life in the water we saw Blue Herons and Plovers, Eastern King birds and heard frogs and stuff! It was great. We also found a couple of sand bars where it was fun to swim (where the water was clean and nice). We were out for 2 hours and my shoulders and abs can sure tell! We had a wonderful time though and look forward to going again.

Daniel got here just a little while after we got home and the day went from Up to Down real fast. His beautiful Australian Shepherd, Reno, had to be put down today. It is so heart breaking, my eyes still feel sandy from crying.
Reno was so smart and a perfect gentledog with us but he was very protective in Dan's pick-up. He has bit several people who reached in to pet him. Gah, we've tried everything and in fact had even given him to Dan's ex-girlfriend because it seemed a better home for him where he'd not need to guard. Unfortunately he got out of her truck one day at a rodeo and bit a woman. So, Dan took him back and has been trying to find a solution that didn't include the dog being put down. He tried a muzzle for when Reno was in back of the truck but the dog just hated it and spent all his time trying to get it off. Last week while the muzzle was off a girl reached into the pick-up to pet the dog and he bit her. He's never done huge damage but that's beside the point, he's a liability and this time he had to be put in quarantine for a few days which was very hard on him. It's so incredibly difficult to have to come to this. We all cried so hard, especially Daniel and Tanner. We had a funeral and buried him where we can keep his memory right here on our property.

I've spent some time arranging a cd of his best pictures to keep his memory alive.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Oh Sheila, I saw all of the pictures on Flickr... what an absolutely gorgeous dog!!! Only someone who has known the love & friendship of a dog could ever come close to knowing the heartbreak you & your family feel!!! My condolences to all of you!
:c (

5:56 PM  

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