Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer's long days

Summer's long days
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The days of summer are so long! I feel like the days are never going to end and I get frustrated that my sitting and drawing time are almost non-existent. I suppose it would be great if I could sleep in but I'm not wired that way, I always wake up early and go to bed after 11pm. Here in Idaho it stays light until 10 pm in the middle of summer!

Today my friend and I will be taking our boys (both 10) bowling. I like to do this weekly and see if Tanner and I can improve.

Yesterday I got some stuff done but not nearly what I had planned, what's up with me anyway, I used to be so focused and I was like a tornado, maybe I just have different priorities now and I've not come to terms with it?

This summer I had a yard sale and while getting ready for it I ran across some journals that I had written when my kids were little. I had never gone back and read them since. Holly got really interested and so I started reading them to her and it's been really fun. Gosh, I'm so glad I recorded some of those memories and feelings from so long ago. It is amazing the details that one forgets if you don't write them down. It has also been really good for Holly to get inside my head when I was a young mother and wife with 2 little kids and one of them very ill and near death. I had also recorded some thoughts and feelings about long distance running at the time and that was pretty revealing about how out of balance I was concerning diet and exercise. I've not made it all the way through the five years or so that I journaled, we have that to look forward to. So, now I'm journaling again, I've got lots of things that I'm working on, the simplification of life, learning to practice some of the spiritual disciplines, parenting and teaching Tanner and on and on. I just need to learn to keep it short and concise so it doesn't take loads of time.

I'm off for a walk with my darling Paul and Tanner (who keeps up on his bike).
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